Post Processing/Utility Codes/Tools

TetrUSS includes geometry, preprocessing, and post processing utilities that provide a variety of functions.

For geometry preparation, the rstutil utility offers functions to geometrically transform, mirror, duplicate, and modify GridTool restart files. This tool is useful for component studies and situations where an incoming geometry needs simple transformations to get into a suitable form. The usgutil utility has additional geometry functions and can operate on VGRID files.

Preprocessing tools preface, dconv, and partnm are used to prepare and partition grids for use with the USM3D flow solver.

After a USM3D solution is obtained, utilities usgutil, tet2tec, tet2fv, and tet2ens can be used to put the solution into a desired format. The tet2tec utility converts a USM3D solution into ascii or binary Tecplot format, while tet2fv converts to FieldView format and tet2ens converts to EnSight format. A CGNS converter is also available.