About TetrUSS

The NASA Tetrahedral Unstructured Software System (TetrUSS) was developed during the 1990’s to provide a rapid aerodynamic analysis and design capability to applied aerodynamicists. The system is comprised of loosely integrated, user-friendly software that enables the application of advanced Euler and Navier-Stokes tetrahedral finite volume technology to complex aerodynamic problems. TetrUSS has matured well because of the generous feedback from many willing users representing a broad cross-section of background and skill levels.


  • Provide initial solutions to complex problems within days
  • Provide accurate representation of flow physics
  • Be quickly adapted/extended to meet unforseen challenges
  • Have sufficient calibration and broad use to instill confidence
  • Be easily applied by relatively non-expert users

TetrUSS Team

Dr. Neal T. Frink, Team Lead, USM3D, Applications
Dr. Khaled.S.Abdol-Hamid, Turbulence Models
Dr. Craig A. Hunter, GridTool/VGRID, Utilities, Applications
Dr. Mohagna J. Pandya, USM3D Developer