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History of TetrUSS

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NAS Code Optimization Effort Quadruples Performance of Important Software for Aerodynamic Analysis and Design


Training and Support Services are no longer available for free through NASA, but are now offered at reasonable cost through ViGYAN, Inc. (click for details).

TetrUSS is a time-tested computational aerodynamic capability servicing the configuration aerodynamic needs of NASA's airframe and exploration programs. Present capabilities include rapid grid generation, inviscid and viscous flow analysis and design, special functional boundary conditions, and ease of use.

TetrUSS has a rich history of innovation over the past decade. It has left a wide footprint across many NASA programs, industry projects, and in the inspiring students toward the pursuit of aeronautics. Future goals are focused on improving process automation, better integrating functional capabilities, and increasing its impact on new NASA projects and programs.

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Key Applications
   P-3 Orion Loads Database (LMAC)